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ECML: European Centre for Modern Languages

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Understanding one another is a prerequisite for living together harmoniously. So to achieve the dream of a continent without dividing lines, Europe needs citizens who can all communicate in some of the many languages spoken within its borders.
To assist in this challenge, the Council of Europe has created the European Centre for Modern Languages - a unique institution whose mission is to encourage excellence and innovation in language teaching and to help Europeans learn languages more efficiently.
The ECML's Strategic Objectives are to help its member states implement effective language teaching policies by:
- focusing on the practice of the learning and teaching of languages
- promoting dialogue and exchange among those active in the field 
- training multipliers
- supporting programme-related networks and research projects
In order to implement its strategic objectives, the European Centre for Modern Languages, organises a programme of international projects on language education. (see ECML activities above)
Basing its work on the underlying values of the Council of Europe and its pioneering work in language education, the ECML is ideally equipped to act as a catalyst for reform in the teaching and learning of languages.