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Center for Advanced Research on Language Teaching and Learning, Pädagogische Hochschule St. Gallen

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The Center for Advanced Research on Language Teaching and Learning / Institut für Fachdidaktik Sprachen (IFDS) of the University of Teacher Education St.Gallen (PHSG) is a scientific institute for research, development and counseling. The main areas of expertise of the IFDS are the promotion of plurilingualism and interculturalism, the evaluation of linguistic and cultural competences, and the areas of immersion and bilingual education. A major aim of the IFDS is a close linkage of research, development, and professional practice, through its combination of competences in the fields of science, development, and teaching practice. Scientific insights feed into the development of teaching materials, curricula, and materials for teaching practice, as well as into primary and continuing education of teachers, and into various services offered. Focused publication and presentation activities and the publication of scientific reports ensure a knowledge transfer both to the scientific community and the general public. The IFDS cooperates with numerous educational institutions, partner universities in Switzerland and abroad, and with educational authorities. These cooperation activities facilitate the regional implementation of current language-related developments, but also an involvement in important national projects, and contribute to the institute’s profile as a strong partner for international projects. The institute’s involvement in national and international language policy planning bodies enables it to contribute to the further development of language teaching, firmly rooted in scientific insights.