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A pluridisciplinary team of linguists and computer scientists (Rachel Panckhurst, Catherine Détrie, Cédric Lopez,Claudine Moïse, Mathieu Roche, Bertrand Verine (Praxiling, Lirmm, Lidilem, Tetis, Viseo) collected more than 88,000 French authentic text messages in Montpellier (2011), as part of the sud4science LR project (Sud4science Languedoc Roussillon. Mutation des pratiques scripturales en communication électronique médiée (main financial support: MSH-M)). This project is part of a vast international project entitled sms4science, coordinated by the CENTAL at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in Belgium. Participants from the general public, who donated their SMS to science, were also able to fill in a sociolinguistic questionnaire. The text messages from the sud4science LR project were then semi-automatically anonymised (in collaboration with student internships and a legal adviser-CIL, Nicolas Hvoinsky, SAJI, Université Paul-Valéry), before being partially transcoded (into standardised French) and annotated.



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