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Das KiezDeutsch-Korpus (KiDKo)

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The KiezDeutsch-Korpus (KiDKo) has been developed by project B6 (PI: Heike Wiese) of the collaborative research centre Information Structure (SFB 632) at Potsdam University since 2008. KiDKo is a multi-modal digital corpus of spontaneous discourse data from informal, oral peer group situations in multi- and monoethnic speech communities. It offers a new empirical resource for research in domains such as:
- Kiezdeutsch as a multiethnic dialect of German
- youth language in urban areas
- linguistic developments in contemporary German
- informal language use
KiDKo contains audio data from self-recordings, with aligned transcriptions (i.e., at every point in a transcript, one can access the corresponding area in the audio file). Currently, new annotation tiers are being added to the corpus for automatic linguistic queries at different levels.
The corpus is planned to become available to other research groups (currently in progress: legal validation and full anonymisation to prepare for access).



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