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Fédération de Recherche - FR 2559: Typologie et Universaux Linguistiques

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Its mission is to ensure the organisation and the development of linguistic research in the field of typology and language universals, and to allow the French research community to take part in international programmes related to this field. Membership in the Federation is not restricted to CNRS research units only: research teams from other institutions working in the field of typology and universals are potentially concerned.
The research carried out within the Federation centers around two poles of research. On the one hand, there are the definition of properties common to languages and the general constraints to which they must conform at all structural levels (universals), whether these constraints stem from the languages’ internal structure, or whether they are constraints of a cognitive nature. On the other hand, there are the modes and limits of linguistic diversity, including the internal and external mechanisms driving the evolution of language systems, as well as their modelisation (typology).
The Federation of Typology also has the mission of contributing to linguistic database development: this involves the archival storage of texts taken from endangered or poorly documented languages, as well as the creation of typological databases.



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