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fide offers aids for government agencies and supports teachers in the context of language support measures and to prove language skills. The language advancement instruments of existing cantonal and Swiss institutions have been further developed and systematised in fide. fide brings together a number of best practices.
The beginnings :
The advancement of the integration of migrants is an important goal of the Federal Council. Knowledge of the national language plays an important role here. One of the integration measures developed by the Federal Office for Migration was the «conceptual framework for the linguistic advancement of migrants». In this context, the Institute of Multilingualism prepared an outline curriculum in 2009 for the linguistic advancement of migrants. Various projects developed from this outline curriculum:
Development project A : Analysis of the communicative needs of various migrant groups; analysis of needs by key Swiss persons in various areas of life; Description of learning targets
Development project B : Illustration of learning targets in the written and spoken areas of competency
Development project C : Instruments to determine the standpoint, evaluate and document the learning progress
Development project D : Qualification of language course leaders in the field of integration.