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Institute of Multilingualism, University of Teacher Education Graubünden

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The Institute of Multilingualism, operating as the Research & Development / Services centre at the University of Teacher Education Graubünden, is committed to applied research in the field of multilingualism in all its facets, especially in the domain of education and teaching. Its objectives include initiation, supervision and implementation of research projects, cooperation and assistance in research work carried out by third parties, the transfer of research results and its findings to school practice and the public sector, the realization of scientific events, the monitoring and evaluation of school pilot projects and multilingual social models, the observation of changes in the linguistic situation in Graubünden, consulting services to communities, as well as public and private corporations and institutions, networking with institutes for multilingualism, both in and outside Graubünden, foremost with the national research centre on multilingualism, and bringing the multilingual situation in Graubünden into the scientific discourse at the national and international level, especially by emphasizing multilingual education in the canton of Graubünden, and by calling attention to information, advisory and consultancy services with regard to multilingualism.