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During the 20th century at Fribourg University Italian Studies have been developed with top-level results, original and remarkable in the international context. This success has been due to a strong tradition of scholars (Giulio Bertoni, Angelo Monteverdi, Bruno Migliorini, Gianfranco Contini, Arrigo Castellani, Aldo Menichetti in the philological domain; Paolo Arcari, Giuseppe Billanovich, p. Giovanni Pozzi, Alessandro Martini in the domain oh literary history), who has been able to connect education and research in a new and prolific way, so that, over the years, a real “Fribourg School” has grown and strengthened. Some peculiarities, at present, still define the paradigmatic identity of this School: that is to say, the vocation to link together, under the methodological viewpoint, textual criticism and historical studies, stylistics and philology, formalism and diachronic analysis. In this way the communicative and cognitive strength of literary text is conceived as the result of both the personal talent of the single author and the artistic vitality of the cultural frame. Italian Studies, at the Faculty of Arts of Fribourg University, are currently exercised by the following scholars: prof. Uberto Motta, prof. Edoardo Fumagalli, prof. Christian Genetelli, dr. Guido Pedrojetta, dr. Sara Pacaccio, dr. Sandra Clerc.


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