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The Lia Rumantscha (LR) was founded in 1919 as an umbrella organisation for all Romansh associations in accordance with article 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. The LR sees itself as an institution acting in the general public interest and is politically and denominationally neutral. It fulfils a public-service mission through its function of using funds from federal and cantonal sources for the promotion of the Romansh language and culture. From its head office in Chur, the LR supports, fosters and coordinates the activities of regional organisations that work in favour of the Romansh language and culture. It campaigns actively for the promotion and maintenance of Romansh at home, in school, in the church, and in public life and also sets out to represent the Romansh community in the various fields of political and social life both inside and outside the traditional Romansh-speaking territory. The LR has branches in Laax, Savognin, Zernez, and Zillis.