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QUALIROM: Quality Education in Romani for Europe

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QUALIROM produced teaching materials in six Romani varieties ranging from proficiency levels A1 to B2 for learners on primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The material production as well as the resulting teaching activities focused on proficiency levels A1 and A2 for primary and secondary learners. Teaching materials were tested in schools in Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, and Slovakia. Beyond that, Romani courses were offered for students and adult learners at tertiary level at the universities of Graz and Prague. Furthermore, teacher training modules have been developed on the basis of five training courses conducted in the context of the project. All activities were realised in close cooperation with local Romani teachers and local as well as national educational authorities. To ensure a professional realisation, teachers at all levels were prepared comprehensively for the handling of the CFR and its ELPs by experts of the European Center for Modern languages (ECML).
The project implementation period lasted for three years, from the 1st of December 2010 until the 30th of November 2013. However, activities triggered by QUALIROM extend beyond this period, thus guaranteeing sustainability of the results. These activities range from the editing of teaching materials to teacher training.