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We offer a complete university program (Bachelor and Master) on the following domains : Spanish and Latin American literature Objectives: familiarizing students with the main notions of literary theory and with the major methods of text analysis; transmitting a knowledge as wide and complete as possible of Spanish and Latin American literature in its forms and contains, whereas underlining its relations with politics, socio-economics and artistic manifestations of life and culture of Spanish speaking countries. The teaching will involve studying the most representative authors and works of classic, modern and contemporary literature in Spanish. Spanish linguistics and philology Objectives: presenting Spanish language as a multiform and effervescent object, a universe where literary style and popular language complement each other in an original way, and where present innovations may be as fascinating as changes that occurred between the Middle Ages and the classical period; familiarizing students with the problems of modern Spanish (semantics and lexicology, phraseology, word compounding, spoken vs. written language, varieties of American Spanish, linguistic conflicts in the Iberian Peninsula, etc.). Spanish language skills Grammar, conversation, composition and translation courses leading students towards a spoken and written command of Spanish (level C1 at the end of Bachelor, level C2 at the end of Master).