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The Spanish Department offers a university program on Spanish and Latin American Literature not only in their own evolution but also in their reciprocal relationship. From a methodological point of view, we pay particular attention to the relationship between literature and humanities and also to the contribution of inter and trans disciplinary studies. In that regard, our Department also provides classes in the following domains: Hispanic Philology, literary translation and theoretical classes. Our active participation to the BENEFRI network (Convention signed between the universities of Fribourg, Berne and Neuchatel), our conferences, seminars and complementary activities that we periodically organize reflect our commitment to openness. It is mandatory to master the Spanish language in order to successfully complete an advanced educational program. In fact, except in a few specific cases, all the classes, proseminars, seminars, oral and written exams and the writing of the Master and PHD thesis have to be done in Spanish. For that reason, every year we organize Spanish Language courses specifically designed for the new students. Moreover, the written exercises such as essays, the acting classes and the translation classes can be an adequate complement in order to overcome the linguistic deficiencies.