Centre for Reading (FHNW)

The Centre for Reading, Writing and Media researches reading, writing and media at the Institute for Educational Research and Development, which is part of the FHNW School of Education. Activities undertaken at the Centre aim to provide children, young people and adults with support in the following areas:

  • Improving language skills,
  • Deepening the emotional access to language, and
  • Expanding the range of everyday linguistic activities.


Research domains: 

The main focus of research at the Centre for Reading is reading, media and language. Studies at the Centre aim to support children, adolescents and adults in the following domains:

- Improvement of language competencies

- Deepening emotional access to language

- Extension of the spectrum of linguistic activities in everyday life

Areas of research and activity are:

- Language acquisition

- Literacy and its development in children and adults

- German as a second language

- ‹Language Across the Curriculum› with a focus on text comprehension

- Linguistic and psychological writing research

- Reading and writing promotion

- Literacy socialization

- Writing didactics

- Investigation into the promotion of literacy in teaching

- Writing-based learning

- Investigations on the development of receptive skills

- Spelling

- Grammar

- Development of teaching materials

- Task development for the testing of competence models

- Task development for diagnoses of language level

Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW Institut Forschung und Entwicklung Zentrum Lesen Campus Brugg-Windisch Bahnhofstrasse 6 | 6.1D 5210 Windisch
+41 (0)56 202 80 05
Prof. Dr. Thomas Lindauer, thomas.lindauer@fhnw.ch, Prof. Dr. Afra Sturm, afra.sturm@fhnw.ch
Corpus, discourse & text analysis
Didactics & pedagogy
Teaching and learning