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Unité d’enseignement et de recherche Didactique des langues et cultures, University of Teacher Education Vaud (HEP VD)

Unité d’enseignement et de recherche Didactique des langues et cultures, University of Teacher Education Vaud (HEP VD)
Teaching and research unit Didactics of Languages and Cultures
University of Teacher Education of the Canton Vaud
Avenue de Cour 25
CH-1014 Lausanne
T: +41 (0)21 316 95 69
Prof. Rosanna Margonis-Pasinetti, rosanna.margonis-pasinetti@hepl.ch and Prof. Susanne Wokusch, susanne.wokusch@hepl.ch
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The teaching and research unit (unité d'enseignement et de recherche Didactiques des langues et cultures, UER LC) of the HEP Vaud secures the pre- and in-service teacher training in the didactics of foreign languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish) as well as classical languages (Latin and Greek) at the primary, secondary I and secondary II-level. In order to enhance as much as possible the development of pluriligual multilingual competencies in learners, the training of language teachers at the HEP VD follows a decompartmentalized model, with some parts of the training being common to all students and others being specific to each language-culture. Moreover, the strive for horizontal (among the taught languages-cultures) and vertical coherence (between the different educational levels) is reflected in the fact that the course modules are developed jointly by the teacher trainers in charge of the different foreign languages as well as the different levels. For primary level this regards German and English, at secondary I and secondary II-level all four previously mentioned languages. In addition to teacher training, the UER LC engages in different research and development activities aimed at both understanding the teacher cognition, and developing tools and materials in order to help teachers put into practice a foreign language teaching approach that supports the learner's development of a plurilingual multilingual repertoire.

Research areas

  • Didactics of foreign languages and cultures: German, English, Italian, Spanish; didactics of classical languages: Latin and Greek
  • Integrative didactics of foreign languages ("didactique intégrative des langues étrangères") / didactics for the development of plurilingualism multilingualism
  • Integrative didactics of classical languages
  • Intercultural dimension of teaching foreign and classical languages
  • Text competence/literacy in foreign languages
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
  • Instruments of language policy: CEFR and ELP
  • Development of teaching materials for CLIL in German in the Suisse romande (5-8 HarmoS)
  • Integrative didactics and classical languages: the perspective of classical languages
  • Integrated training of primary school teachers in German and English (pre- and in-service teacher training)
  • The practise of foreign language teaching: Why do teachers teach the way they teach?
  • Working with texts and text competence/literacy in teaching of foreign languages to young learners
  • Reading literary texts in a foreign language


Teacher training, Foreign-language didactics, Didactics of multilingualism, Cognition, Literacy, Foreign-language education