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Grisons Institute for Cultural Studies

Grisons Institute for Cultural Studies
Grisons Institute for Cultural Studies
Reichsgasse 10
CH-7000 Chur
T: +41 (0)81 252 70 39
Marius Risi, marius.risi@kulturforschung.ch
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The Grisons Institute for Cultural Studies is an independent research institution situated in Chur. Its purpose is to conduct and promote research in the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies, both within the wider topical frame of the Alps and the local context of Grisons and its neighbouring regions.

The Institute’s central office is in the historic town centre of Chur, with a branch office at Sils in the Engadine (Kulturbüro Sils/Segl KUBUS). The Institute operates under the trusteeship of the Foundation for Cultural Research in Grisons (founded in 2006). Infrastructure costs, projects and events are funded either by the public authorities (federal or cantonal), by third parties or by the trustees.

Though the Institute’s projects are centred on regional research interests, they also aim at a wider (extra-regional and national) relevance. The Institute’s advisory committee of professors and lecturers at Swiss universities represents a broad range of expertise and acts as contact persons to university institutes and national institutions of research promotion.

Infurmaziuns en rumantsch

Research areas

    In linguistics, research priority has been given for some years to sociolinguistic studies on everyday trilingualism in the canton of Grisons or research on the history of language cultivation. In future, we want to put a focus on monographic linguistic research, in particular the dialect of the town of Chur as an example of a regional language, or the Alemannic dialects of Romansh-speaking communities. Moreover, given that the canton of Grisons has been profoundly changed both by modern tourism and by the forward movement of Alemannic, it is worthwhile to have a look at the languages used in rapidly expanding tourist places like Davos, Arosa or St. Moritz.


Alps, Cultural exchange, Culture, Dialectology, Language contact, Lexis, Sociolinguistics, Language change