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Institut de recherche et de documentation pédagogique (IRDP)

Institut de recherche et de documentation pédagogique (IRDP)
Institut de recherche et de documentation pédagogique
Fbg de l'Hôpital 43
CH-2000 Neuchâtel
T: +41 (0)32 889 86 00
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The IRDP (Institut de Recherche et de Documentation Pédagogique), is an institute dedicated to research and pedagogical documentation and an institution of the CIIP (Intercantonal Conference of Public Education in French and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland). The Institute is principally in charge of coordinating and leading education research in French speaking Switzerland. It supports the activities of the CIIP with experts' reports and with its scientific investigations, conducts research projects or takes part in them. The IRDP has made Neuchâtel its home since it was established in 1970. Its main fields of action are: - Research coordination - Scientific projects and their management - Documentation - Mandates, experts' reports.

Research areas

  • Evaluation of systems and reforms
  • Languages and culture
  • Mathematics, science, ICT
  • Education, prevention, professional and social integration
  • French as a language of school education
  • Foreign languages at school (mainly German, French and English
  • Didactics (L1, L2, …), didactics of plurilingualism
  • Language awareness
  • Plural approaches
  • Language policies
  • Assessment and evaluation of language teaching


Foreign-language education, Didactics, Language policy, Evaluation of language programs, Curriculum, School development, Pedagogy, Romandy, Ticino, Culture