Research Centre on Multilingualism

The Research Centre on Multilingualism (RCM) is affiliated with the Institute of Multilingualism of the University of Fribourg and the University of Teacher Education Fribourg. It is financed by the Swiss Confederation in accordance with the Language Law (in German, French, and Italian) and the Language Ordinance (in German, French, and Italian).

The RCM commenced its activities in 2011 and carries out applied research on multilingualism on behalf of the Swiss Confederation. Its other activities include the direction of a network of Swiss research institutions, the establishment of a documentation centre, and a publicly accessible information service for multilingualism.

Research at the RCM covers a wide range of topics: "Multilingualism in individuals", "Language teaching and learning, assessing and evaluating language skills", and "Multilingualism in institutions and society".

Research areas