Current research

Multilingualism in individuals

  • Written productions from children with an immigration background, 2016-2017, more
  • Literature review: Language aptitude, 2016, more

Teaching and learning languages, assessing and evaluating language skills

  • Swiss learner corpus SWIKO, 2016-2019, more
  • Teaching and learning foreign languages at school under the sign of multilingualism, 2016-2019, more
  • Innovative forms of assessment, 2016-2018, more
  • Immersion and content-oriented language teaching, 2016-2019, more
  • Task Lab: studies for a better understanding and higher validity of communicative test tasks, 2014-2015, more

Multilingualism in institutions and society

  • Upper management and multilingualism in the Federal Administration, 2016-2017, more
  • Statistical Surveys and Questions on Language (Part 2), 2016-2017, more
  • Literature review – Languages, Census and language policies, 2016, more
  • Italianità in the Internet: from cardboard suitcases to the web. A social history of the Italian language in German and French-speaking Switzerland, 2016-2019, more